Triple Treat Market Weekend

You know how some weekends, there is a good market on and then others there are heaps that you want to visit and you don't know which one to go to?

Well the Two Market Tarts did a triple treat market weekend {actually they were all on a Saturday} recently as we tarted around, flitting to and fro, market to market.

It was a lot of fun, but incredibly hot and in a hire car we weren't sure what the petrol warning signal meant and had to rely on Mr Google to find us the nearest petrol station and then had to race home in  front of a huge summer thunderstorm.

An eventful day all in all.

The three markets we visited were Artisans of Brisbane Markets where we found a fabulous blackboard bunny and some natural skin cream.

The Carseldine Farmers Markets where we had a very late but delicious breakfast.

We also had a little giggle at their signs.

We also bemoaned the fact we were flitting between markets and the bunches of divine roses wouldn't last the distance. We did get a beautiful bunch of paper daisies though that did last the distance and looked fabulous. We will have to visit another time to stock up on roses. Luckily it is on every Saturday.

Our next stop was Handmade Samford, a cute little boutique market at Samford, which we will tell you more about in another post. This was the market we had to flee from with the impending storm, so it will need another visit as well, *wink.

We  managed to collect an eclectic lot of items from the three markets, and they look lovely all grouped together. Even the impending storm didn't stop an impromptu  photo shoot.

What a fabulous day!
Until next time.

Ta-ta Tartlets,

M & L.

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