Vintage Market and Gypsy Wagon fun at Collectorama.

Two Market Tarts headed up to the Sunshine Coast Hinterland on Saturday the 7th March for the fabulous Collectorama, held at the Nambour Show Grounds.

Collectorama Fair is in its 29th year of operation and the markets are held four times a year. It is a favourite market of ours and is highlighted on our calendar. It is a bit hard to describe to someone who hasn't been to the market, what they are all about. It is in its basic form a vintage, antique and collectibles market.  We would describe it as much more than that however.

It is two great outdoor pavilions, grassy surrounds, buildings and more, filled with stall upon stall of gorgeous vintage offerings.

No matter what takes your collective fancy, you will find it there. Our hearts beat faster over the fabulous, linens, laces, suitcases, jewellery, old china, vintage cameras and so much more. Often you will find something you didn't know you were looking for, it might be something that evokes a childhood memory, or even a more recent one for that matter, or it could be something that sends your imagination alight as you start to dream of fancy tea parties, crystal vases filled with roses or adventures in a gypsy wagon.

On this visit Miss M fell in love with some beautiful vintage cameras that came complete with little hidden notes about the repair costs, written in pounds and pence. After a bit of to-ing and fro-ing, three little box cameras found their way home with her. Miss L however found the vintage laces and linens called her name and she returned to the car with numerous parcels of pretty vintage linens and shiny mother of pearl buttons, along with a battered brown school case that only she could see the potential in. 

The absolute bonus of this Collectorama visit was happening upon Melissa from The Velvet Wren and The Gypsy Wagon. Melissa creates whimsical flowing garments from old linens, fabrics and vintage trims, though for this market she had her vintage wares for sale that were equally enticing. The wagon is just one in her collection, all of which are in various stages of construction and all the beautiful paintings on the outside were also done by Melissa. It was a pleasure to meet her face to face and we hope to see her again soon.

It was quite a hot and muggy day and we found the need to refresh with our little car park picnic a few times during the day. Each time we were delighted to catch up with friends as we did a little show and tell with our favourite purchases, some of which sent us of searching for a certain stall that we had obviously missed in our travels.

There are hundreds of stalls at Collectorama and Laurie and Tom Wall who run the market are like accommodating hosts at a huge garden party and are always quick with a friendly greeting.
We had a thoroughly enjoyable day, collecting and gathering and are really looking forward to our next visit on Saturday the 30th May, especially as it should be a little bit cooler.
You can follow Collectorama on Facebook and Instagram and if you have any questions, those amicable hosts will be happy to help if you contact them through one of those channels.

Collectorama Fair, definitely worth a visit.
Tata tartlets until next time.  
 M & L 

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Collectorama Fair on Facebook
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The Velvet Wren and The Gypsy Wagon

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